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"Sasha's Story" by Andromeda Bliss

New erotica author Andromeda Bliss takes us on a steamy scifi adventure in the short tale Sasha's Story: How to Find a Mate the Hard Way. Exotically different from the usual erotic escapade, this short story is crazy cheap at only 99 cents!


Sasha visits an alien bar looking for exotic excitement and wakes in a strange white room with no memory of how she got there. There's no exit—is this a jail cell? Or a cage? The intriguing reptilian male in the next cell tells her she was abducted and is now the subject of experimentation. But what kind of experiments? When a female alien enters his cell, Sasha witnesses in scorching detail the erotic behavior their captors expect to observe. And she’s his next test partner...

Warning: “Sasha’s Story” is a 10,000+ word erotic short story intended for mature audiences only, with explicit sexual content, graphic language, and sizzling human/alien scenarios that may be shocking to some readers. Enter at your own risk!


5-STARS - "A Wonderful Little Story" by Brittany M. Willows
What a lovely little story this was! It was well-written, and not just packed full of sex for the sake of it. The fact that the characters seemed to genuinely feel for each other was nice, and the chemistry between them was wonderful.
Ocen has got to be one of my favourite fictional aliens to date. Absolutely loved his personality. As I was reading I imagined him looking somewhat like the Argonians from The Elder Scrolls series.
The one thing that disappoints me was how short it was! When I reached the end, I found myself wanting more. I would have liked to find out more about the kidnappers and the experiments they were running, what the purpose was behind them.
So yeah, great read! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys alien/human couples, and I'll personally recommend it to some of my friends who loved the cross-species pairings in the Mass Effect video games.

5-STARS - "My, my, my what a fantastic treat" by Thalia
Loved this story! Truly Sci-fi Erotica at it's best. What a wonderful imagination this author has, her characters were interestingly different, while the story was still sensual, hot and oh did I mention HOT. Great job. Sorry I'm gushing a bit, but seriously what an awesome story. The only thing I would want to be different was the length. Many times for me people can not do short stories very well, it's difficult to catch the pacing and characters in a way that can make a reader care about them or what's going on in the shorter stories . This author does an excellent job of having it all in this short. I can't wait to read more by this author. Highly recommend for lovers of Sci-fi Erotic, that's well written, fun and creative.

5-STARS - "Hot, Hot, Hot!" by Emma Yeoman
My oh my, privacy needed for this one ladies! 'Hot' doesn't really cover it. The heroine is sassy, and when she finds herself in a cell with a telepathic alien, with multiple appendages (and we're not talking arms and legs here) she does a magnificent job of holding out. For a while anyway.
Short and very steamy, this is scifi erotica at its best.

MY REVIEW (on Goodreads) 5-Stars
Let me preface this review by saying I'm an amateur erotica reader and I haven't explored every kind/type/level of smuttiness that's out there. But I am a huge fan of scifi and hot stuff! ;)
Sasha's Story is a scifi erotica short (roughly 10,000 wds) that took me for a wild, fast-and-furious ride. From the start, I was drawn right into Sasha's plight when she wakes in a little doorless cell with no memory of how she'd gotten there. Her reactions became my reactions, from panic to anger and despair.
Then she meets the non-human in the next cell, a male with blue-gray scales for skin and (to put this in a way that won't get me censored) multiple genitalia. >:D He tells her she's been kidnapped and is now basically a lab rat in some anonymous scientist's experiment. Though the reason for the experiment remains a mystery, the nature of it becomes clear when a non-human female enters the male's cell. Sasha gets a front row seat to the alien couple's wild mating...and a preview of what's in store for her. When scale-man ends up in Sasha's cell, the flames practically melted my poor kindle.
My only regret is not knowing who the scientist(s) are and why they kidnapped Sasha, but I suspect this may be only the first part of a larger story...? Nevertheless, Sasha's Story is a sizzling-hot short I highly recommend for those who love scifi/alien erotica.


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