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"Cold Warriors" by Clare Dargin

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Cold Warriors by Clare Dargin, a romantic military-style science fiction novel. I highly recommend this amazingly detailed, action-packed scifi to fans of that genre!

A woman frozen in time awakens to her fate: deliver the weapon that will save humanity and cost her the ultimate sacrifice—her life.

When Caitlin Driskoll is awakened from a cryogenic stasis, she’s got a lot of adjusting to do.  It’s a new century and the planet is at war.  Once married to a Navy JAG, she now experiences life from the viewpoint of a Jarhead, and the view isn’t pleasant.

Colonel Medoro Keegan lost the two most important things in his life during his Marine career: his wife to friendly fire and his ability to fly combat missions.  Now, he’s stuck aboard the Blanchard as the XO.  The Corps is the only family he has left and he’s not about to lose the last thing he values.
Until he meets Caitlin, who isn’t shy about telling Medoro what she thinks about his Marines.  How can such beauty wrapped in an icy body have so much fire?

It’s the future, and a new kind of prejudice has replaced the racial prejudice Caitlin experienced in the last century.  After all, when you’ve been given a second chance at life, you are expendable.


5-STARS – “One Great Read” by Varicolourrose
Cold Warriors is an instant success. Clare Dargin has built a terrific world where everyone is needed to play a part in the defense of humankind. It is a thoughtfully put together story with characters that jump of the page and into your mind. The adjustments Caitlin Driskoll has to make to fit in to a new society is only part of the story. The changes in the world and the circumstances she finds herself in are just a small part of her dilemma.

Lieutenant Colonel Medoro Keegan is a man in a very hard shell. He has suffered loss, has a lot of anger inside, and uses it to fight and win. Caitlin has upset the the fragile balance in Keegan's shell, and he doesn't like it. She reaches him on a level he swore he would never go to again. Now the question is will he break out of the shell and start to live again, or will he decide to forget about his budding feelings for Caitlin and retreat inside and reinforce the walls around his heart?

This is definitely a story for those who enjoy what some call "Space Operas," but what I call good reading. For those who enjoy sci-fi and romance, especially with a reluctant hero, this is the read for you. it is fast paced and puts the couple constantly on the line. Clare Dargin has written a wonderful book, and I would recommend it highly.

5-STARS – “Great New Author!” by J. Huynh “Momo”
I was looking for a new author to read and I can say I was not disappointed!
What confused me was that this book was released on February 16th, 2013 but there were other reviews posted from 2009 and 2010, which I do not believe hold true for this story.

The idea of Marines and cryogenics caught my attention more than anything, and I read the whole story in one sitting since I bought it yesterday. I love how the story starts off with an introduction to the war, quickly laying the foundation of the trouble during this time. Ms. Dargin has written some witty and charming characters! The hero starts off as overly Alpha, but once he wakes the heroine from her frozen state, she quickly melts down the barriers he's erected since his wife had died.

I love the references to military jargons in the story and how Keegan has to decide between duty and love, but of course he chooses love at the end! And what he does... *swoon*

Ms. Dargin has proved that no matter what rank a person is, love can conquer all. I truly hope there is another book in this series! I would love to see Lieutenant Zale come back!

5-STARS – Review by Tessa
Original idea, emotional and gripping. I hope this is part of a series because there is so much more of this story that should be expanded on. Enjoyed it!

4-STARS – “Nicely Done!” by Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone
Cold Warriors by Clare Dargin is the first in a series called The Cold Warriors Universe. This first installment features a woman named Caitlin Driskol who is awakened from a cryogenic stasis to find the future world in turmoil. She is revived in the middle of a war and discovers that as a ground soldier, her life is expendable and limited. She meets a Marine and their stormy, passionate romance serves as a stark contrast to the brutality of their lives.

This is science fiction at its core. There's even a glossary of terms in the front. The futuristic military angle dominates the narrative. This plot structure gives the book a cold feel (no pun intended here). While the romance angle does add a warmer, more human touch to the plot, it is often overshadowed by the action-driven military aspects. Dargin's characters, while a bit harsh (but consider their circumstances) are believable, well-developed, and their relationship is an interesting part of the narrative. The concept is fascinating, if not disturbing. Freezing people just to thaw them out for combat at a later date. It's the ultimate dehumanization of warfare without going entirely over to machines.

Dargin's work is not for everyone. It's the first in series. I'm not a fan of serials, but this one does stand alone more than other serial novels I've read. It's also contains elements of erotica which might not sit well with traditional science fiction fans. I suggest that readers get over that here and now and take this one. It's an interesting, well-crafted read that crosses genres nicely.

MY REVIEW (On Goodreads) 4-STARS
I really enjoyed Cold Warriors - the author did a great job with world building and detailing the military lifestyle of the characters. I've always loved a$$-kicking female leads and this title didn't disappoint, plus the hero is the kind of strong, competent type that makes my heart go pitter-pat. (Men in uniform...~sigh~)
Lots of action and thought-provoking intrigue fill the pages. My only complaint is that the romance felt distant to me, though I did love the ending! What? No, I'm not going to tell you what happens at the end! Go read the book... ;)


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